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The Environment: What The Vegan?! Part 2

In my last post I finally revealed your girl has committed to a vegan diet. Because you know, the environment and stuff. I know, who would have thought it was possible when

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vegan, food
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What The Vegan?!

Hi guys! I am back at it! As you may recall in my last post, my long term partner and I separated. I took some time off to do a

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The ABC’s of CBD

CBD is an exploding market. Everyone is talking about it, everyone is using it meanwhile many don’t quite understand what it is. A lot of people cannot seem to get

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witch book
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The Witch and The Christian

Easter is just around the corner and each year my father and I find ourselves discussing religion. Again. To be honest, my father is one of the best men I

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teacup candle
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DIY: Teacup Candle

You know I love projects! Just check out my foot scrub here! My craft room is currently under construction making it a little difficult to navigate. Despite my chaotic space,

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racist or not?
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Wait… Was That Racist

Race. It’s a simple word, but loaded with context. Some people roll their eyes and sigh heavily with a, “not this again” before promptly tuning you out. Others get all

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Loving in Black History

In light of it being Black History Month and Valentine’s Day around the corner. I thought I would highlight a couple whose love changed our nation as we know it.

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love you too
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Love YOU Too

February has become know as the month of love. There’s no love more important than loving yourself. I appreciate our generation for many things, our awareness of mental health and

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lemon salve
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Lemon Peppermint Foot Scrub

This Lemon and Peppermint foot scrub was really fun and easy to make. No heating required! My boss’s birthday was coming up and I needed a birthday gift, she is

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Bye Bye Migraine Salve

As I become a grandma millennial, I find a good salve is a necessary component to life. I am constantly battling aches and pains. Getting older was not something I

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