The Elemental Witch: Earth & Water Element

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Bonjour* Witches! 

It’s yours truly, and I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. If you listened to the podcast, you know we’ve been talking about the elemental witch or ways to incorporate the elements into your Craft. And, if you have not listened to this episode of our podcast, go check it out! We have the podcast right here on the website! Now for the information you’ve been waiting for! Just like in the podcast, let’s start with Earth!

This is my favorite element personally but I am a Virgo and an Earth/Forest witch. My fellow Earth signs are Capricorn and Taurus. But just because we are born into this element does not mean that it is the one you have to identify with. You may like Fire more. And that’s okay. You might have some strength here so remember to always keep your options and mind open. Useful tools to have to represent Earth on your altar or to use in spells can be found outside! 

earth element


The earth has a feminie energy, I mean we do call her Mother Earth. She births all things on our planet. You can use salt, soil, stones or crystals a lot of which we can find if we do not have it already. I love getting my hands dirty so using really nice dirty is always a treat. Personally, I use a lot of herbs in my practice and I would recommend starting with cedar, cypress, honeysuckle, sage, grains and nuts to your collection, a lot of these items can be found in your own pantry. 

Also, I do have a lot of herbs beyond that so if you would like to know what I have, keep your eye on my Instagtam. I will be updating it once things have been reset. Winter is the season associated with Earth witches but I’m more of a fall gal myself. If you are seeking some representation color-wise, try black, brown, green, white and gold. 

Our witching hour is midnight but I cast whenever I can. I am not often awake at midnight more due to my work schedule rather than my internal schedule. If you are seeking a deity to connect with, you can try: Gaia, Demeter, Perspone and Pan. I was connected with Gaia before I knew I was a witch. If you are interested in the cosmos or tarot, Earth is represented by pentacles as well as Venus and Saturn. Again, everything about your element may not suit you so don’t be afraid to change it up. 

water element


Water is amazing and if you heard the podcast, this is Praxie’s element. Water is a very versatile element, you can use anything liquid or fluid. Even ice! The ruling signs are Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio with all it’s feminie energy. Whether you are working with you morning tea or coffee, taking a shower or bath, or you just snagged some rain water or water from your local river. It’s all good here. Use whatever you are connected to in the moment.  

If you want to add some water to your altar, you can use a cauldron or a bowl. Whatever speaks to you and of course your budget. Water has absolutely gorgeous colors affiliated with the sign, you can use blue, green, indigo and black as representation as well. The ruling planet, the moon! Love it! The moon is such a huge part of the Craft. So chances are she is already in the mix. And the deity would want to look to is the Triple Goddess.  The maiden, the mother and the crone. We see the image of the goddess all over. It the waxing, full and waning moon.

Water, the lucky devils, ended up with autumn as their season and dusk as their strongest time of day. Both of which I am a fan of, since I’m actually awake at dusk… most days. And last but not least, look to the suit of Cups to represent your element. 

fire and air


Remember friends, this is just the beginning! We have Fire and Air coming up next. Also this isn’t the end all be all to using the Earth and Water elements. Get creative! That is the beauty of being a witch, there is no wrong way. Just find whatever works best for you and love your element, love your Craft. 

*I am learning French this year, wish me luck!


  1. Listentothegirl says:

    Loved this post thank you

  2. Ariana says:

    Great post! I’m totally a Water Witch, and I use moon water, florida water, herbal teas and baths all the time. It’s definitely the element that speaks to me most. Love this validation! Thanks Joi <3

    1. LBW2019 says:

      Thank you!! We’re so glad it was helpful 🙂

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