witch practice
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The Elemental Witch: Earth & Water Element

Bonjour* Witches!  It’s yours truly, and I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. If you listened to the podcast, you know we’ve been talking about the elemental witch or ways

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witch craft for the lazy
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The Lazy Witch Craft

We are witches, but we can also be very lazy. Shit happens and we’ve all been there. Whether you are low on energy, time, money or heck just plain ol’

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Check out our podcast right here! New episodes every Wednesday!!

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black witch
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Which is Witch?

Being a witch is wonderful and sometimes confusing journey. When I was just starting out, I had no clue where to start. I even tried to Pinterest my little heart

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vegan world
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The Environment: What The Vegan?! Part 2

In my last post I finally revealed your girl has committed to a vegan diet. Because you know, the environment and stuff. I know, who would have thought it was possible when

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vegan, food
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What The Vegan?!

Hi guys! I am back at it! As you may recall in my last post, my long term partner and I separated. I took some time off to do a

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The ABC’s of CBD

CBD is an exploding market. Everyone is talking about it, everyone is using it meanwhile many don’t quite understand what it is. A lot of people cannot seem to get

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witch book
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The Witch and The Christian

Easter is just around the corner and each year my father and I find ourselves discussing religion. Again. To be honest, my father is one of the best men I

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teacup candle
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DIY: Teacup Candle

You know I love projects! Just check out my foot scrub here! My craft room is currently under construction making it a little difficult to navigate. Despite my chaotic space,

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racist or not?
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Wait… Was That Racist

Race. It’s a simple word, but loaded with context. Some people roll their eyes and sigh heavily with a, “not this again” before promptly tuning you out. Others get all

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