The Self-Care & Intention Workshop



Dubbed the “Self-Care Queen” by co-host Praxie,¬†Joi leads a three-week workshop to help improve self-care routines and strengthen the intention that backs all your magick.

Everyone talks about self-care and the necessity of it without any real direction of HOW to do self-care and how to maximize each moment. As most people have been affected by global events, our mental health is more important than ever. When our mental health is strong it makes our energy strong as well. If you are interested in increasing your magickal potential this is a great place to begin. Anything done in life needs a strong foundation and this is part of that foundation.

What To Expect


This workshop is done 1:1 via zoom. There will be one meeting a week with “homework” to help support the journey. Joi will be available all three weeks to answer any questions and assist with any issues that may crop up during the course. A free 30-minute consultation can be scheduled via calendly, where we establish the baseline of your routines and discuss tools used to harness your intention, followed by three 1 hour sessions a week to enhance those routines or, if need be, create an entirely new one.

This course also includes a basic numerology chart with your Core 7 and Karma numbers. It also has a short break down of what each number means to you in a PDF format that is yours to keep. Your PDF download will also include the new routine you two discussed along with the additional information regarding intention.

At the end of your time with Joi, you will have a full self-care routine. As well as an understanding of focusing your energy to achieve the best results in your magickal practice. So if you are ready to bring on the magick Joi is here to help! Want more information? Schedule a consultation today!



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